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I love teaching and have been doing it for the past 6 years: private tuition for both children and adults, group improvisation lessons and music workshops on various topics (instrumental practise, playing in a band, composition, confidence on stage and more)!

My main goal as a teacher is for the pupil to enjoy music and to continue to grow through the playing of their instrument.

I teach online via Zoom.

Whether you want to play just for fun or you want to take it more seriously, I can adapt my approach to your needs. I can also help you prepare for a Grade Exam (if you wish to take one)!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or if you’d like to book a lesson! 



(all levels)




Music Theory




45 minutes: £37

60 minutes: £45 


Joh (June 2021)

"Quite simply, Maria is a wonderful teacher and mentor, and I am so glad that I found her! As an adult learner, it can be hard to find the time, energy, or motivation to keep practicing and developing, especially if balancing this with full-time work (not to mention the pandemic). But every time I have a lesson (whether in person or via Zoom), Maria inspires and energises me, with an exciting new tune, or an interesting new approach, or a new method for effective practice. And if my energy is low, she helps me find a positive way to work from this position without becoming self-critical - for example, we might change the pace or focus accordingly. She is clearly passionate about her own onward development in music and jazz, and she shares this passion and enthusiasm with her students - it's infectious! She's kept my musical life going during the pandemic, and I cannot recommend her enough!"

Keira (June 2021)

Maria has been an absolutely fantastic teacher these past 2 years. I first started seeing her for in-person lessons which were brilliant! Once we switched to online lessons, the transition was very smooth and worked just as well. Maria is extremely organised and thorough. She has helped me so much with my sight reading, confidence in my playing and musical knowledge. She was able to tailor the lessons to both my original goals and to switch it up whenever I needed that. She has been both a teacher and mentor to me and I would highly recommend her.

Martina (February 2017) 

Maria is a fantastic teacher full of energy and enthusiasm. She has given me great tips to enhance my practice and has supported me to overcome my insecurities. Lessons with her are fun and I always walk away inspired and keen to continue learning.

Liz (February 2017 )

Maria has been an absolutely ideal first flute teacher for my nine year old daughter. She has always been very encouraging and made the lessons fun, without putting pressure in any way, but instead taking things at my daughter's own pace, and gently but persistently encouraging her. I think this attitude has made a huge difference and am very grateful that her interest in the flute has been nurtured in this way. I always hear lots of laughter as well as music during the lessons, and over the last year my daughter has gradually begun to practice more and more in between lessons, and even started to compose her own pieces, which Maria has encouraged. She is now proudly part of an ensemble at school, and regards her music as something fun and creative rather than something boring/another lesson. She reads music well too, as well as playing confidently. Maria has also always been scrupulously punctual and reliable, and adaptable when we have needed to rearrange lessons. 

Myles (October 2016)

I have known Maria for 3 months during my time as her jazz student. I have been extremely happy with the progress she has helped me attain over such a short period of time. She has demonstrated an ability to present information quickly and efficiently, as well as deliver these results through her student in a disciplined manner. Her attention to detail and ability to listen and understand her student has helped me progress week by week. Maria displays great interest in the lesson, and never hesitates to answer any questions I present to her. Considering the short amount of time learning with her, I have been very impressed by the overall quality of service she has been able to deliver. She teaches with energy and zest for the entirety of the lesson, and fills me with the confidence and assurance necessary to advance briskly. 








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