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The “Rehakova Knight Group” combines two musical minds into a singular project - with two varying experiences in the music world, Sam Knight (sax) and Maria Rehakova (flute/voice) reference the tradition of jazz through reinterpretation, exploration and individuality.


Although having met and studied together in London, Sam and Maria’s paths in music didn’t always share similarities.


Sam regularly gigs with small jazz projects such as The Pucciarelli Group and his own ensemble, The Sam Knight Quintet as well as co-leading and producing his indie-pop band The Goodbye Look.

Often jumping between both the worlds of pop and jazz, Sam has picked up many skills over the years and combines these in the music he writes, creating fresh but traditionally grounded music.


In contrast, Maria has spent the last four years as lead flute chair for NYJO (The National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Great Britain) and has been busy touring the UK and Europe, learning the intricacies of large ensemble playing and writing. One of her latest projects, Topolana is a multi-national 6-piece jazz ensemble aimed at blurring the stylistic boundaries between traditional Slovak folk music and jazz; her experience in large ensembles playing a key role in her arrangements.


With two varying careers in music, Sam and Maria collaborate for the first time, with this unique project of original music. All this, and with a rotating line-up of highly esteemed international musicians, there is never one performance alike.


Rehakova Knight Group

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