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As probably every jazz musician, I also strive to learn from the greats! One of the most obvious ways how to do this (but definitely not a quick one) is through imitation - figuring out what they played, imitating every single detail (articulation, dynamics etc.), memorising it (so that all the phrases really stay inside of us), then writing it down and analysing it.

Therefore I decided to start this transcription project. I'm transcribing and learning some of my favourite solos. You can come on this journey with me, seeing me perform the solos as well as playing and analysing them yourself as I will include music sheet for all of the transcriptions, free to download (in C, Bb and Eb)!

Let's enjoy the journey together!

GEORGE COLEMAN on Sleeping Susan

First solo I chose to include is by a legendary saxophonist George Coleman. I love his playing and this solo is a real masterpiece. I really enjoy the easy with which he manipulates the chords and how every single phrase connects to the previous and the following one.

Sleeping Susan from Chet Baker's album 'On a Misty Night'

Video by Benjamin Pembery 

Click button bellow to download
the transcription for free!

(Thinking about fellow flautists and other high pitched instruments!)

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